How it Works




Purchase a OOAK (one-of-a-kind) piece! Keep an eye on instagram (@anemonevt) as release announcements are made there in advance via post or in stories, and I do my best to send out launch date information via the newsletter as well.


Supply Your Own: Send your quilt to be transformed into the piece of your dreams!  

Please note that a set number of commission spots are available periodically throughout the year, and once full, commissions are temporarily closed but will reopen at a later date. I do my best to keep the Commission Deposit listing up-to-date with when the next round of commissions will open.

    Step 1:

Find your perfect quilt, whether that be a family heirloom or one found locally in an antique or thrift store or online - there are some great resources on finding a quilt in our instagram highlights. Please note that heavyweight quilts cannot be used at this time - our apologies for the inconvenience (when in doubt, feel free to send photos for review).

Additionally, an exclusive collection of crafting quilts have been curated in conjunction with our friend Heritage House Quilts that are available for purchase for commissions - preview the collection here.

    Step 2:

Peruse the 'Supply Your Own' listings and decide on what style, size, length, and any customizations you'd like! Once you have decided, place an order for the listing titled 'Supply Your Own: Commission Deposit'. 

    Step 3:

Once you place your order, you will receive an email within 72 hours to confirm what style and size piece you would like. I will also ask that you send photos of your quilt and its dimensions to be sure it is workable (feel free to send photos prior to ordering as well if you prefer). If you do not yet have a quilt, but would like to reserve a spot in the meantime, please reach out via email so that I can let you know the latest date you can send a quilt before your spot comes up on my schedule.

 All quilts are securely stored at ANEMONE's studio in the appropriate light/temperature environment until the time comes for your piece to be made; rest assured that it is in safe hands!